Lily Wong (née en 1989) est diplômée en gravure (Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, 2011) et en peinture (CUNY Hunter College, New York, 2020). Elle fusionne des références spirituelles à la vie contemporaine, avec l’imagerie classique de l’Asie de l’Est. Les personnages qui occupent son œuvre ont des traits exagérés et les émotions illicites qui consomment une grande partie de la vie contemporaine : anxiété, peur, amour, perte. Avec une formation en gravure, Wong a un don quasi électrique pour animer une composition par la couleur et la narration.

Lily Wong (1989, lives and works in Brooklyn) graduated in Printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, in 2011, and Painting at CUNY Hunter College, New York, in 2020. She fuses witty references to contemporary life with classical East Asian imagery. The figures which occupy Wong’s work have exaggerated features and illicit emotions that consume much of modern life: anxiety, fear, love, and loss. With a background in printmaking, Wong has an electric ability to enliven a composition with color and narrative. 


Sémiose, Paris – ‘The Minotaur’s Day Dream’ – Group show

Galerie LJ, Paris – ‘The Beginning Place’ – Solo show
VSF, Los Angeles – ‘I Will Wade Out’ – Solo show
Deitch Projects, New York – ‘Wonder Women’ – Group show curated by Kathy Huang
Lyles & King, New York – ‘I Is Other’ – Group show

Kapp Kapp, Philadelphia – ‘I Wasn’t There’ – Solo show
Harper’s, New York – ‘Lunations’ – 2-person show with Ian Faden
Fredericks & Freiser, New York – ‘Towards a More Beautiful Oblivion’ – Group show
Half Gallery, New York – ‘Friend Zone – Group show curated by Vaughn Spann
Tong Art Advisory, New York – ‘Queerness Out t/here’ – Group show
Galerie Droste, Paris – ‘Universes 4’ – Group show curated by Sasha Bogojev
LaiSun Keane, Boston – ‘Home Cooking’ – Group show
Wall Space Please, Dubai – ‘Bad Girls’ – Group show curated by Gaelle Alexis

Kapp Kapp, New York – ‘Built For Love’ – Solo show
Harper’s, New York – ’12 Artists’ – Group show
Ramp Gallery, London – ‘
Quixotic’ – Group show
Forlini’s Restaurant, New York – ‘Al Fresco’ – Group show curated by Erin Goldberger,
Wunderwall, Antwerp – ‘Melancholympics’ – Group show curated by Sasha Bogojev
Public Gallery, London – ‘No Time Like the Present’ – Online Group Show

Hotel of the South Beach, Miami – ‘Juxtapoz at 25’ – Group show
Pratt Institute, New York – ‘Jet Lag’ – Group show

HVW8 Gallery, Berlin – ‘Wild at Hand’ – Group show
Barney Savage Gallery, New York – ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ – Group show
Greenpoint Terminal Gallery, Brooklyn – ‘SKINS’ – Group show
Planthouse Gallery, New York – ‘Bathing’ – Group show
International Independent Art Fair, New York – Group show
Underdonk Gallery, Brooklyn – ‘A World of People’ – Group show

Field Projects Pop-Up, New York – ‘SOFT ANIMAL’ – Group show
Field Projects, New York – ‘Show #42: String Theories’ – Group show

Chaos Downtown, Saigon (Vietnam) – ‘The Birth of a New Venus’ – Group show
Windhorse Gallery, Kansas City – ‘Weird Women Who Draw’ – Group show

Juicy’s Gallery, New York – ‘A Taste of Spring is a Welcome Thing’ – Group show
SHOW ROOM, Brooklyn – ‘Les Show des Amis’ – Group show

Gowanus Print Lab, Brooklyn – ‘The Mini Prints Show’ – Group show
BANK Projects, St. Louis, MO – ‘Cherokee Print League Show’ – Group show


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